How to Organize Your Garage: Tips for decluttering & Storage

How to Organize Your Garage: Tips for decluttering & Storage
How to Organize Your Garage: Tips for decluttering & Storage


For many people, a garage is more than just a parking place for your car. If you have the habit of using your garage for a tool store as an overflowing attic, there are chances that things can get out of control quickly. Fortunately, you can learn to address these clutters and get the proper organization tools for the job. This article will briefly explain how Junk Removal in Poulsbo can help you easily organize your garage by following a few steps.


The best way to organize your garage

No matter how clean you think your garage is, there are still chances you might have items that have gone way past their expiration date. This could be items from first aid kits or even broken tools and pieces of equipment. One of the best ways to organize your garage starts with cleaning the entire garage. 

Here are a few steps that you can follow to clean your garage for Junk Removal in Port Orchard, WA:

  • Take inventory of what you have
  • Throw out any irreparable items and the expired one
  • Organize remaining items into three piles: Keep, sell, or donate. 
  • Prepare the items for the garbage sale
  • Extrapolate what to do with the belongings after decluttering
  • Sweep out any debris, wash, and reseal the garage for your floor, if possible. 
  • Set up Zones


When you start the makeover of your garage, make sure to sort and store the items by category in an easily accessible zone so that you can quickly grab what you need. 

Keep tools and other car care products like sponges, fluids, and rags on a designated shelf for the next DIY car wash. 


  • Try cubbies for family garage storage.

If your mudroom is the drop zone for bags, coats, shoes, and other random accessories, reclaim the space by adding garbage cubbies outside the home. This method is one of the best ways to organize the garage because every family member will have a special place to put their belongings. 

  • Utilize storage containers

One of the easiest ways to organize the garage is to put everything into plastic storage containers. Make sure to use labels on the outside of each bin, so you can easily find the items faster. When organizing a garage during the spring cleaning or you can say cleaning your junk in an eco fiendly manner, try storing similar items in plastic storage containers and then place the items on shelves when you need to access them on rare occasions or less frequently.  

  • Use rollout bins for garage accessories

Rollout bins are the best garage storage drawers. This storage option is useful for creating dedicated space for cluttered items. 

  • Create space for sports gear storage

Make a specific area for storage for sports equipment to keep them organized and to ensure that a family member does not trip over them. Skateboards, hockey sticks, Roller skates, and other sporting gear take up a lot of room. Keep footballs, basketballs, and volleyballs out of the way by hanging vertical nets, racks, or baskets on the available wall space to keep the garage floor obstacle free. 

Start to Declutter and Organize Your Garage


  • Leave room for garbage cans and recycling beans.

If you are thinking about different garage storage layouts, make sure to leave space for the garbage cans and the recycling beans. As more cities switch to large 30-gallon containers, leave enough space so that you can store the bins easily, after rolling them back from the curb. 

  • Organize small yard tools with wood pallets

If the wall space is at a premium and hanging yard tools is not an option, another garage tool storage option is to keep everything against a wall with wooden pallets. These wood pallets are extremely durable to put on the floor or sit against the wall. Additionally, this garage tool requires just an anchor or two to help keep the pallet upright. Apart from removing junk from the tools, service providers of  Junk removal in Bremerton, WA, can help you organize these small yard tools with the wood pallets and get rid of junk you do not require in your garage.  



Organizing and decluttering your garage is a lengthy process. It will take time to declutter and find storage solutions that will keep your garage neat and tidy. If you need to get rid of junk from your home or have extra items that need to either be recycled or disposed of, contact Empire junk removal. We do our best to be there for our clients whenever they need junk removal near me services. For more details, visit us or call us to book an appointment.

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