Do’s And Don’ts For Keeping Your Backyard Junk Free

Do’s And Don’ts For Keeping Your Backyard Junk Free
Do's And Don'ts For Keeping Your Backyard Junk Free


Your home spring cleanup will be incomplete without tidying up the outdoor space. Whether you want it for entertainment purposes or to spend more time with your family, friends, or alone- cleaning the outdoor space after the winter is a must. 

However, backyards get mucky, and the wild grass grows uncontrollably, along with the junk pile that keeps on growing, urging you to look for junk removal near me. Keeping the garden or backyard clean and uncluttered seems like a tough task. 

However, looking after the outdoor space does not have to be a chore. Follow these simple steps to keep an organized backyard. 



Free up storage space.

The first and foremost step of maintaining an orderly backyard is to get rid of anything you do not use anymore. Got old kid’s toys they have grown out of? Then donate it to any charity shop or sell them online. It is of no good just sitting in your shed, taking up valuable space that can be used for other purposes. 

There is no point in keeping stuff that does not serve any purpose to you; however, there could be some items you can’t get rid of because they are worth a lot of money. In that situation, consider selling them to those who may store them. If the garage is cluttered with unnecessary stuff, consider hiring the service of Junk Removal Port Orchard WA for emptying it to make room for the other important backyard stuff. 


Organize a yard sale

Consider putting up a yard sale if you have accumulated a lot of junk over the years. This will be a great way to earn extra cash and backyard space. It could also be a learning experience for you. 

To organize a successful yard sale, start sorting out everything you want to sell, throw away, or donate. Once you complete the first step, it is time to sort them into appropriate categories and put the price tag. 


Work on the garden

If you are not born with a green thumb, sorting out the dreaded weeds, and flower beds might seem like a personal nightmare. If you have a large garden to take care of, you can hire a junk removal service in Bremerton, WA, that will get you a professional gardener, who can easily manage your yard. 

So, clutch your gardening gloves and follow these simple steps:

  • Start it by pulling out the dead plants and weeds
  • Trim and prune shrubs into shape.
  • Cut all the dead branches and leaves off any surviving plants with the garden shears.
  • Rake leaves and other debris and make sure to dispose of them appropriately. 


Mow the lawn

Mowing the lawn is easier than any other tips mentioned above. The lawn mowing technique depends upon the season. Usually, the best way to mow the grass is to cut one-third of the length and do it regularly. For best output, always trim when the grass is dry. 


Try to do it all in one day.

Calm yourself. No matter the state of your backyard, you do not have to do all these tasks in one day. Start it with simple tasks, like getting rid of the things you do not need anymore. Move on to cleaning and then organizing. Last but not the least, use natural methods to prevent spiders and pests from creeping into your backyard. 


Ignoring the pavers and fencing

Giving a good clean-over and a quick coat of paint will take a couple of days, but it will be worth it. You do not have to do this too often. A quick scrub down every month will be fine and ensure that you have done the repainting once the summer months begin. 

Your backyard is more than flowerbeds and grass. Over time pavers, garden furniture, and fences will get dirty, which is inevitable, but routinely scrubbing them will keep your backyard looking pristine. 


Let unused things pile up.

One basic rule you must always follow is never keep something you have already replaced. It is a great feeling to share your old clothes, books, toys, spare accessories, and other things with those who need that. So instead of hoarding stuff, donate them for a good cause to somebody who will use it. You can even hire a professional for Junk Removal in Poulsbo to sort out your yard for you.

Wrapping Up

Yard waste can sometimes be more than you can handle. Some recent storms may have left huge tree branches strewn across the yard, or maybe you are planning a landscaping or gardening project, leaving a lot of debris and dirt everywhere. 

Now in these situations, all you can do is call an expert team who can help you to clean up the junk.

Empire junk removal provides a safe, efficient, eco-friendly yard waste removal service, so you do not have to worry about disposing of the yard debris. Our expert Junk Removal in Bremerton WA; the debris removal team will haul off any yard waste you have. 

For details, visit us or call us to book an appointment today.