5 Ways to Remove Your Junk – Empire Junk Removal

5 Ways to Remove Your Junk – Empire Junk Removal
5 Ways to Remove Your Junk - Empire Junk Removal

Do you feel like you’re living in an episode of ‘Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder’? The easiest way to create more space in your home is by getting rid of things that you don’t need. Let’s take a look at some key ways to help tackle clutter regardless of whether you’re moving house or just looking to free up some space. 

We suggest starting with a room-by-room approach if you want to tackle your junk. We have proven ways to strategically and effectively get Junk Removal in  Port Orchard, WA. Let’s begin!

1. Establish your junk removal goals

When you have no plan in mind, staying on track is difficult. Consider why you want to clean out your home before you start sorting and throwing things away. Are you planning on selling your home or helping an aging loved one declutter their possessions? Your project will move forward much more smoothly if you have a clear sense of purpose.

2. Get rid of old furniture!

After examining everything, start hauling out the old furniture after coming up with the best solution. Some pieces cannot be repaired; others can be easily replaced. If you have an old chair or lamp that you no longer need, ask your friends if they can repurpose it. 

If you have some old bulky & heavy furniture that you want to get rid of, it might be the right time to hire services for Junk Removal Poulsbo. Upon completion of the job, all of your furniture will be disposed of properly.

3. Sell Your Old Stuff 

It is a good idea to have a garage sale if you wish to sell old but still usable items. In the week leading up to the garage sale day itself, you can inform your neighbors that you will be having a sale. Set a price and sell all your junk that you no longer need. It could be clothes, furniture, toys, or even books. By doing so, you can reduce the amount of stuff accumulated at home without putting it in the trash or sending it to a landfill.

Moreover, you may want to consider selling your old items online. You can sell your unwanted items using websites, apps, or social media platforms. A detailed description and high-quality photos of your items will help you sell your old stuff more successfully.

4. Implement the One-in, One-out rule

It’s a good idea to get rid of old stuff as soon as you get a new one in order to prevent clutter from building up in your home. Make it a point that whenever you get something new for your house, get rid of the stuff you haven’t used in the past year. Instead of throwing it away, donate it to a local thrift store or sell what you don’t need and then decide where you will store your new item. 

5. Hire A Junk Removal Company

It’s not just the big dump truck that comes every week to pick up your junk. If you need to get rid of big, bulky junk furniture or a number of boxes and bags, junk haulers are the people to call.

You hire a junk hauling company, the experts will come to your home or office and take away your junk so that it can be responsibly disposed of.

A junk removal service is beneficial when you are dealing with heavy, bulky items that are difficult to move, whether you are decluttering, moving, redecorating, or renovating.

Some junk removal companies simply take your junk straight to the dump. Still, there are many eco-friendly junk removal companies out there that will either recycle your junk or donate it to charity so as to avoid landfills.

While junk removal companies charge for their services, compared to having to deal with everything yourself, it is a small price to pay when you consider how much time, energy, stress, and money you could be saving.

Quick Tips To Keep Your House Tidy! 

Keep Your Junk Under Control

If you have a habit of collecting gifts and items that have no use in your house, you should consider donating them. Keeping a clean & decluttered house is only going to bring you joy.  You may want to reduce your acceptance of promotional freebies like coffee mugs, keyrings, pens, and branded totes. You should also make a note of how many grocery bags you normally use and return the rest to the store.

Purchase plans

Purchasing things that you don’t need only add more junk to your house as you accumulate more promotional items. When you go shopping, prepare a shopping list and stick to it to avoid making impulse purchases.

Borrow or rent – don’t buy

If you need items such as books or videos only occasionally or for a short time, then consider renting or borrowing them. Alternatively, you can use digital formats such as eBooks or online streaming as a form of entertainment.

Daily decluttering

Consider dedicating 20 minutes a day to deal with clothes, toys, mail, and other common clutter if your schedule is tight. Cleaning your home and organizing it daily will prevent you from spending hours cleaning up messes and organizing your house in the future. Declutter your home every day, or if that is not possible, declutter it every week, though this might take longer than 20 minutes.


Modern and active lifestyles make it hard to effectively get rid of things that we don’t need, so unneeded items end up accumulating in corners of our homes. Understanding how to get responsibly rid of household junk will allow you to contribute to doing good to your environment & Health and benefit from doing so.

Getting rid of garbage doesn’t have to be physically and mentally stressful when Empire Junk Removal is on the job. Our company is dedicated to giving you excellent service and guaranteeing no mess will remain behind. For inquiries about our Dumpster Rental in Port Orchard, WA, or to get a free quote, call us.